zcr-programsZurich Capital Resources, Inc. is the premier provider of innovative financial solutions, offering financing programs for both equipment, ranging from medical and industrial to computer hardware and software, and professional services.

Our direct financing programs allow companies to procure the equipment and services needed to operate their business through arrangements that are custom-developed for their specific needs. ZCR is dedicated to serving companies of all sizes, regardless of deal size, meet the demands of their business.

Our financing programs, both direct lending or otherwise, have helped companies in the following industries:

Automotive and Industrial Services
automotive | industrial | aerospace | defense | heavy equipment manufacturing

retail | direct marketing | consumer packaged goods | consumer products

Energy Services
oil and gas | chemicals | utilities | transmission and distribution | wholesale energy trading

Financial Services
capital markets | personal financial services | corporate banking | insurance

insurance | health care | government

Public Services
health care | government | education

Technology and Communications
hardware and storage | software | networking equipment | communications equipment | cable operators | wireless | electronics | semiconductors

Transportation and Travel
airlines | vehicle rental | hospitality and cruise | travel agents and intermediaries | transportation companies

To learn more about our vendor-specific financing programs, please contact us.